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Personal injury covers a wide range of injury types – from whiplash injuries sustained in road traffic accidents, to broken bones from slipping on a damaged pavement, even health problems caused through medical negligence.

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If you are buying or selling a house or commercial property, our legal team are experts in residential conveyancing and commercial conveyancing. We aim to deal with your conveyancing in a cost effective and efficient manner.

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Our expert immigration solicitors provide you with accurate legal advice and guidance, thorough effective case preparation and legal representation before the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the Tribunals Service.

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Serious injury compensation claims should only be dealt with by experienced personal injury lawyers like Whitestone Solicitors. With over 30 years of experience in serious injury claims, you will receive the very best legal advice.

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Personal Injury Solicitors

Welcome to the web site of Whitestone Solicitors, the UK’s fastest growing personal injury legal team, specialising in No Win No Fee claims. Founded as personal injury solicitors, our business has grown to include wills, probates and conveyancing departments. We have over 35 years’ experience in dealing with personal injury claims and ensure complete client satisfaction.

With the skills to help in cases including vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, personal injuries, product liability cases, construction accidents, conveyancing, and much more, we can provide an unbeatable level of service in all aspects of law and compensation claims. We operate on a no-Win, no-fee basis. This means that if you lose a case through us, it won’t cost you a penny.

Finding the right legal team to deal with your compensation claim can be a difficult choice, after all, how do you decide who will serve your interests the best? At Whitestone Solicitors we work to the highest standards and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, ensuring that our organisation works to highest standards in all areas of our practice.

Feel free to contact us on our Freephone number on 0800 8 101010. Our friendly and professional legal advisors are on hand to help with your enquiry, or alternatively complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you at your earliest convenience.

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Compensation Claim

There are dozens of reasons why someone would want to make a claim for compensation but it can often be difficult for people who have suffered financial harm, personal injuries or any other kind of damages as a result of the negligent or malicious actions of another person.

We can help you in your compensation claim with our team of legal advisors, who can make sure you receive the maximum possible payout for the damages you sustained in an accident or incident that was not your fault.

Whitestone Solicitors have a multilingual workforce that can help people from all walks of life in their claim for compensation. We pride ourselves on our unbeatable service in compensation cases.

Our number, 0800 8 101010, is free to call and our advice is professional and accurate. We have 35 years of experience dealing with compensation claims and although they take many forms, our team contains specialists in every different field.

Every claim for compensation has unique characteristics and damages or injuries can affect individuals in separate ways, making it particularly important to seek professional legal advice when pursuing a claim for compensation so experts can deal with your case properly.

Many people and organisations, such as employers, motorists, local authorities and owners of commercial property have a duty of care or must ensure they protect the health and safety of other people. A person acting in a negligent manner and damaging another person’s wellbeing should be held to account and a compensation claim is a good way to do this.

It can help you to cover costs incurred as a result of your personal injury, such as broken bones, mobility problems, respiratory illnesses and other diseases, as well as mental health problems, emotional distress, lost wages or income, vehicle repairs and many other expenses.

It does not matter if you are making a claim against a small company or a global corporation, as the expert team of No Win No Fee lawyers and legal representatives at Whitestone Solicitors can guide you through your compensation claim and help you to receive the best possible outcome.

All you have to do is call us on 0800 8 101010 to start getting the money you deserve for your damages. We will take some details about your case and tell you the best possible route to go about making your claim for compensation. Your information will be passed on to a member of our team who is a specialist in your particular kind of case, who will give you further assistance regarding your lawsuit and will provide you with regular updates as your claim progresses.

We take on cases we believe have a good chance of winning and our decades of experience can give you the best possible likelihood of getting the maximum settlement in your claim for compensation. We guarantee to provide the best possible service to all of our clients and will make sure you receive the damages payout you deserve.

Call Whitestone Solicitors today on 0800 8 101010.

Accident Compensation Claims

For those of who have had the misfortune of being involved in either a minor or very serious accident, rest assured, our specialist legal team endeavour to get you an appropriate amount of compensation. Here at Whitestone Solicitors, we would like to make it very clear that any estimate we suggest for the amount of money you could receive for an Accident Compensation Claim is only a rough guideline.

As there are so many different aspects of claims to take into consideration, it is difficult to gauge exactly what sort of compensation you could receive for your accident. An Accident Compensation Claim procedure, like most other types of legal matters, are always a tricky business. If you have been involved in an accident at your factory, resulting in personal injury, many employees will look for any angle to protect the interests of their business. As the laws of health and safety on construction sites become more stringent, an Accidents at Work Claim, have become far more complex than they used to be.

For those of you who are looking for a conscientious and reliable company providing highly trained solicitors for accident solutions, you have certainly found the right website. Furthermore, here at Whitestone Solicitors, we operate a no win, no pay system. Quite simply, if we can not produce positive results for your pending legal matter, you won’t have to pay us a penny. Please visit our user friendly website for further details regarding this matter. We’re waiting to take your call.

Motorcycle Accident Claims

Thousands of people in the UK ride motorbikes and it is a common misconception that motorcyclists are generally more dangerous drivers and take bigger risks than other road users. However, evidence from the Department for Transport has shown many motorists commit negligent acts or drive poorly, which results in some motorcycle accidents.  Right-of-way violations by car drivers are common causes of these incidents, with statistics indicating fewer than 20 per cent of these are the motorcyclist’s fault.

Rear-end shunts also feature highly in causes of motorcycle accidents, with many other of these events the fault of other road users driving negligently or without adequate attention.

During 2009, there were 21,550 reported casualties caused during motorbike accidents on the UK’s roads. Of these, 6,059 resulted in a serious injury or death, with 493 of these proving to be fatal.

Although motorcyclists make up less than one per cent of all road users, they sustain 14 per cent of all those killed or seriously injured in vehicle accidents in the UK. This is approximately twice the rate of injuries suffered by cyclists and more than 16 times that sustained by passengers or drivers in cars.

Motorbikes provide little protection to the people riding them as they are relatively small, which can result in significant traumas to a human body when they are hit by larger objects. Common injuries are to the head, as well as fractures and other broken bones, with emotional and mental harms also regular occurrences.

Brain damage or injury can occur despite the use of cycle helmets, while harm to the bones or spine can cause permanent disabilities.

Amputations caused through this kind of road traffic accident can take place, which can cause significant harm to a person’s quality of life, with many motorbike crashes requiring large medical and carers’ bills.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is also known to occur following motorbike accidents, which can lead to feelings of despair or helplessness, fear, anxiety and horror, as well as difficulty sleeping or concentrating.

Sufferers are known to re-experience the traumatic events of the incident, which can result in their heartbeat increasing and their breathing becoming difficult.

As well as emotional or physical distress, motorbike accidents can cause harm to family or work life and damage relationships with close ones due to these problems. Many people need care and support for the rest of their life after a motorcycle accident. This could be in a financial, physical or mental manner.

However, it can be very useful to seek expert advice from our Personal Injury Solicitors at Whitestone Solicitors if you have been injured in a motorbike accident, as it might not be as simple to deal with as other road traffic accident compensation claims.

Call us now on 0800 8 10 10 10 and start making a motorbike accident compensation claim by speaking to our team of experts. We have members of staff who specialise in motorcycle accident compensation claims and we can help you today,

Road Accident Claims

As the streets of the UK's cities and towns have become more and more congested in this modern age, accidents involving cars and motorbikes are a common occurrence. For those of you who have an occupation that involves you having to drive on a daily basis through places awash with vehicles making Car Accident Claims, may be a regular event. If you’re looking for a business of legal professionals that offer some of the most competitive rates on the market today, don’t delay; get in contact with us now. Here at Whitestone Solicitors Personal Injury Solicitors, not only do we offer Road Accident Claims advice and support that will leave you feeling confident about a successful outcome, but our services won’t cost you a fortune.

All our charges are at reasonable rates and to reiterate, if we don’t win the case, you won’t have to pay anything at all. Most Accident Claims from driving collisions are usually a result of people driving under the influence of alcohol. If you have been unfortunate to have failed a breathalysing test which you feel was inaccurate, contact Whitestone Solicitors immediately and we will do our up-most to make sure you are treated appropriately in the courts. Of course, when the majority of car smashes occur, an argument will ensue as to who is to blame, we strongly advise that if this happens to you, you should remain silent until you have spoken to one of our expert solicitors. For unbiased legal help, call us today.

Peace of Mind

Any kind of accident that we may have can be a very stressful experience indeed, anxiety levels certainly increase if we are involved in a mishap with another person.

If you are a business owner employing a number of drivers to deliver goods throughout the country, having a competent team of solicitors for any Road Accident Claims is essential. If you aspire to have the peace of mind you need to concentrate on your business, choosing to work with Whitestone Solicitors for your legal services for traffic crash claims will be a smart move. For those of you who wish to have an Accident Injury Claims team available when you desperately need some expert assistance, take a look at our website today. Here at Whitestone Solicitors, we’re pleased to be able to offer our potential clients a fast and reliable response to any Motor Accident claim that may ensue.

If you’re concerned about having to wait for a decent legal representative to come to your aid, have no fear, we will make an appointment to see you as soon as physically possible and at a time which is convenient for you. Our Accident Claims experts are some of the most dedicated professionals available in this field, ensuring you receive the kind of service that will leave you feeling happy to recommend us to your friends and colleagues. For a fast and reliable quality solicitors business, choose Whitestone Solicitors. You’ll be impressed by what we can do for you.

Personal Injury Claims

Here at Whitestone Solicitors, you’ll be pleased to discover that not only do we provide a comprehensive and quality service for traffic crash legalities, but we also offer convenience for our clients. For those of you who lead extremely busy lives and may be unable to come to our office for the initial discussion on your Traffic Accident Claim, why not take advantage of our online service.

Simply visit the appropriate section on our website for informing us of the details of the accident you have been involved in. Follow the straight forward instructions on our online form filling section and submit to us as soon as you can. Accident Claims are hard enough work already without you having to spend your valuable time constantly coming to our premises to fill out forms. For those of you who may have friends or colleagues, who are also looking for a reliable company for Accident Compensation Claims, please use the appropriate section to fill out their personal details and information about the accident they may have been in. If you’re searching for a team of solicitors available online who will make every effort possible to get you the amount of compensation you’ve been hoping for, don’t waste anymore time and speak to one of our friendly secretaries today. If you do have any questions you would like to ask us about our services, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

Serious Accidents and Injury Compensation

Unlike more minor injuries, recovery times may be significantly longer for serious injury compensation cases. You will most likely require specialist treatment for many years, or even for the rest of your life. Without specialist legal advice, you may end up out-of-pocket simply for sustaining a preventable injury, and as a result of somebody else' negligence.

Our team will work with you on a one-on-one basis, ensuring that we provide a professional and bespoke level of service, exactly suited to your specific case. Through ongoing close consultation, we will determine exactly how much your life has been affected by your accident and the serious injury, and how much serious injury compensation you should be entitled to claim. We work to get you the maximum entitled payouts for your serious injury claim, and because we operate on a no-win, no-fee basis, you won’t pay a penny if your case is unsuccessful.

 No Win No Fee Claims


Pursuing a No Win No Fee case, also known as Conditional Fee Arrangements or CFAs, is a good way for people who do not think they can afford legal costs to make a claim for compensation.

If you win your case or receive a favourable out-of-court settlement, we will take a fee to cover your legal bills, but this will typically accommodate expenses incurred caused by your personal injury.

Call Whitestone Solicitors to discuss what your legal expenses could be if you win your case and find out the best way to start making a No Win No Fee claim. Phone 0800 8 101010 now.

Our service makes it easy and hassle-free for members of the public to pursue a No win No Fee claim for personal injury. This agreement also gives the team at Whitestone Solicitors a real incentive to make sure your claim is successful and you receive the maximum possible payout.

If we give you representation and help you pursue your claim for compensation, you can rest assured that our professional and specialist members of staff believe you have a good chance of success.

If cases are taken on when lawyers, attorneys and legal representatives are paid on an hourly basis, it can make little difference to these experts whether or not their client wins their claim for compensation, but if you pursue a No Win No Fee compensation case, your team has a vested interest in ensuring your success.

If you lose your case, insurance will cover the expenses of the defendant, which gives you peace of mind when pursuing a claim for compensation that it will not cause you any expense.

You do not have to pay a penny and will not lose any money when pursuing a No Win No Fee case with Whitestone Solicitors and we have your best interests at heart.

This kind of compensation claim replaced legal aid in the UK in 1995. It shifted the costs away from the state-sponsored scheme and allowed people to make a personal injury claim without undergoing an application process and satisfying regulators of the merit of a case.

Instead, people can contact specialist advisors such as Whitestone Solicitors on 0800 8 101010 to find out the damages they are entitled to.

We will supply you with the best legal team possible and our regulated solicitors work to the highest standards. We are experts in No Win No Fee claims and provide an unbeatable service in all compensation cases.

Whitestone Solicitors have over three decades of experience dealing in all aspects of compensation law. Call us today and begin pursuing your claim for compensation.

Our expert team will make sure you know all of the terms and details of your No Win No Fee claim and will make sure your compensation case is as free from stress and hassle as possible. Speak to our accurate and straightforward legal team today at 0800 8 101010.

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Mr A
Client suffered a serious knee injury after a vehicle collided into his bicycle.
Awarded £12,500
Mr S
After an RTA our client suffered an unusual hand injury.
Awarded £15,000 at Court
Mr R. U
Our client was knocked down by a lorry door and Suffered injury to face and shoulder.
Awarded £6,207
Mrs G
Hit in shoulder by wing mirror of a Royal Mail van while out walking.
Awarded £15,000
Mr B
Injured as a passenger in a vehicle when a tyre blew out causing driver to lose control.
Awarded £2,650
Mr G
Involved in an RTA with a Metropolitan Police vehicle, and they denied liability.
Awarded £4,000
Mr V. G
Our client was knocked over by a motorbike, and suffered injuries to her head and hand.
Awarded £19,000
Mrs S
Client worked in a high street store when they slipped on wet floor and dislocated right shoulder.
Awarded £16,000
Mrs J. E
Suffered injury to her shoulder after and RTA that required ongoing treatment.
Awarded £12,500
Mr K
Our client was involved in a RTA suffering very serious injuries.
Awarded £137,000 following 3 day trial
Mr M. R
Our client sustained injuries in an accident with a foreign lorry.
Awarded £7,250
Mr D. D
During and RTA, our client suffered injuries to their neck, back, shoulder and foot.
Awarded £10,000
Mr I
Sustained a whiplash injury when a taxi he was a passenger in was involved in a RTA.
Awarded £3,250
Mr S
Client injured after being hit on the side of head by bus wing mirror while waiting to cross the road.
Awarded £11,500
Mr B
After a fall off a ladder at work, our client suffered injuries to the head and abdomen.
Awarded £20,000
Mrs R
Wheels of work trolley got stuck as floor was not level and injured wrist whilst lifting the trolley.
Awarded £9,660
Mr S. A
During an RTA our client suffered a knee injury
Awarded £5,000
Mr W
After an RTA our client client suffered a back injury which caused great difficulty.
Awarded £3,200


Aftab Ali - Business Owner

Whitestone Solicitors have been an excellent firm to work with, and I have used their services on a number of occasions. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.
Aftab Ali - Business Owner

Mrs A. R

I would to thank you for your excellent and swift service. I am glad to say I received a cheque for £12,750 as compensation for my personal injury today.
Mrs A. R

Masoud Latif

Always received honest and helpful advice without the jargon. Completely satisfied with the immigration service I received from Whitestone Solicitors.
Masoud Latif

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